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Math Solutions—Calculate Flow Velocity

Math Solutions—Calculate Flow Velocity:


Flow Velocity-Hours

(From Start to Discharge)


Flow Velocity-Feet per Second


Transcribed Text of Video

Flow Velocity-Feet per Second


Today’s example reads;

Calculate flow velocity in feet per second. 


Today’s problem reads:

Calculate flow velocity in feet per second when pumping 1,000 feet in a two-inch pipe at 25 gallons per minute (GPM).

Calculate flow velocity in feet per second.


 For this, we’re going to use a standard conversion factor for giving us feet per second when we use the flow rate in minutes, GPM. We use the inches as unit of expression for the pipe. This conversion factor fits right into this formula.


 Let’s go to a blank spreadsheet, put your cursor in D1, type “Calculate flow velocity,” recognize your answer’s in feet per second, put your cursor in A1, set that up as whole numbers with seven decimals.


Make it bold and centered, and in the address bar for A1, type this formula:


equal sign, two open parentheses, .3208, close parentheses, multiplication key, open parentheses 25, two closed parentheses, division key, two open parentheses, two, closed parentheses, multiplication key, open parentheses, two, closed parentheses, multiplication key, .785, closed parentheses, and press Enter.


That’s your answer:  2.5541401 Feet per Second



Transcribed Text of Video

Flow Velocity-Hour from Start to Discharge


Today’s example reads;

Calculate the number of velocity hours from start to discharge. 


Today’s problem reads:

After calculating flow of velocity feet per second, how many hours will it take to flow waste water by pumping from start to discharge with 1000 feet from start in a 2-inch pipe at 25 gallons per minute gpm to a 55 gallon drum treatment tank, then continues gravity flowing though the 55 gallon tank and final gravity flowing down 167 yards from the tank in a 2-inch pipe to discharge.


Calculate the number of velocity hours from start to discharge.


 So what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna break this up into 3 sections. We’re gonna calculate the flow velocity in hours from start to the tank, plus through the tank, plus tank discharge and we’re gonna take the [inaudible 00:01:10] of those three, put them into this formula.

 Now I’ve got a separate stand-alone video calculating each one of of these sections and so I’ll show you the solution and the link for each of those sections, but let’s do the main one right here on a blank excel spreadsheet.

 You can put your cursor in D1. You can type ‘Calculate flow of velocity in hours’. It’s gonna be from start to discharge and then you put your cursor in A1. “Recognize your answer” is going to be ‘Whole numbers 2 decimals’, make it bold and centered, and in the address part for A1 you can type this formula: ‘=(.1088)+(.0367)+(.0545)’ and press enter. And in A1 will be your answer .20 hours.

 Now, to show you how you get each one of these individual, let’s see the .1088 start to tank. You can see it right here; this is the video, this is the link, this is the solution.

 The second one from through the tank, .0367. Come down here to this second link, there you see, there’s the solution, the link and the formula. That’s your .0367 and then this third section, from the tank to discharge, .0545. Come down here, and you can see .0545, this is the solution, the link and the formula.

 So you add all three of those up and that’s your .20 hours. Now I got this whole thing in one formula [inaudible 00:02:56], let me show you that: .20 is our answer.  Come down here and look; this is actually our single formula to calculate everything and get .20 as the answer.


That’s your answer:  0.20 hours



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