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Water Technology Webinar

Water Technology Webinar


Industrial Water Management Challenges


Dan Theobald, ( Wastewater Consultant/Trainer and  Columnist for Water Technology


Dan Theobals is Known in the industry as “Wastewater Dan,” Dan Theobald, proprietor of Environmental Services, is a professional wastewater and safety consultant/trainer. He has more than 24 years of hands-on industry experience operating many variants of wastewater treatment processing units and is anxious to share his knowledge with others. Currently using his wealth of knowledge with a passion for industries to improve treatment performance at reduced cost and for trainees to execute efficient job achievement.


Joe Cotruvo, ( Consultant; Technical Editor, Water Technology; & Former Director of the EPA Drinking Water Standards Division


Dr. Joe Cotruvo is president of Joseph Cotruvo and Associates, LLC, water, environment and public health consultants and technical editor of Water Technology. He is a former director of the EPA Drinking Water Standards Division and Risk Assessment Division and technical editor of Water Technology.



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Webinar Content Coverage:

Water plays a critical role in every process industry. Sourcing, movement, treatment and reuse are some of the many challenges that engineers, operators and management face daily.


What are your struggles?


What questions do you have regarding the management of water in your facility?


Potential applications for discussion include:

  • Source water treatment
  • Cooling tower and boiler feed-water treatment
  • Reusing wastewater as process water
  • Treating wastewater in the food and beverage, oil and gas, chemical, HVAC, pulp and paper, mining, and power generation (other industries likely)
  • Recycling and reusing wastewater
  • Meeting effluent regulations


How to Join Webinar:

Stay tuned to learn how to send us your questions and join the Water Technology team as our experts answer your toughest water handling questions and offer solutions to your problems.

Daniel L. Theobald of Environmental Services-The Wastewater Wizard is known in the industry as “Wastewater Dan”!

Dan Publishes Articles as a service of Dan Theobald Water Institute, Division of Environmental Services, and coaches with his knowledge to conserve water use as follows:

  1. Execute Techniques to perform certain tasks without using Water
  2. Achieve the use off less water to complete same task
  3. Education on evaluating the need to even use water
  4. Master how to examine the overall result using less water
  5. Calculate your savings using less water

Dan L. Theobald operates under level “A” Physical/Chemical Wastewater Treatment Operator licensing, issued by The South Carolina Board of Environmental Certification. Current proof of good standing displayed here.