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Satisfied Recipients of Wastewater Consulting / Compliance Services of Dan Theobald:

Dan Theobald has impressed me with his competence and commitment to meeting client needs. He knows what needs to be done and will not quit until it is done.  He is good communicating with managers and operators and even engineers!  He works hard to save clients money and can demonstrate these savings. I enjoy working with Dan and recommend him to my clients.

Robert Stevens, P.E., BCEE

The Stevens Group, LLC



Dan worked with the GE Water team at a waste treatment facility to assist in optimizing performance and reducing the customers’ costs. Dan understands the waste treatment business and can be a great resource for companies that need assistance in optimizing the performance of their waste treatment facility.

Scott Fillmore

Regional Sales Director at Solenis



Dan has been working with us for the past several years at our wastewater treatment facility. He has been instrumental in developing our daily monitoring procedures, corrective action plans, and in training our staff to meet or exceed all standards and reduce unexpected expenditures. His experience and knowledge is a great resource for the facility operation. His team work and high quality standards is definitely a plus to our operation.

Jimmy Andrews

Plant Engineer-Sonoco



In working with Dan on projects with companies such as Kelmar Industries and Greenwood Packing, his knowledge of wastewater systems has given me the opportunity to identify ways to improve efficiency and lower overall cost while I supply chemicals to these customers. Not only has Dan and I optimized chemical usage for these customers, but the performance of their wastewater processes has greatly improved which made them more competitive in the marketplace.

John Harrelson

Regional Sales Manager at Kroff, Inc.



Dan has identified opportunities in managing our wastewater treatment plant and has made many improvements including reducing costs. He continues to keep our plant in compliance, while at the same time, testing new innovations for continued improvement and cost reduction.

Bill Barnette, III, RIP

Vice President Operations-Greenwood Packing



Dan and I worked closely together on designing and implementing an anti-foam feed system to greatly improve process results while reducing the customers overall cost of ownership. Dan is very detailed and results oriented and does an excellent job of managing and driving new process improvements and initiatives.

Jason Howell

Water Treatment: Physical, Chemical, Biological, Boiler, Cooling, RO, UF, Sales, Design, Service


Daniel has been an integral part of our Wastewater management program for several years, beginning before I was employed at Carolina Pride. In my time working with Daniel, I have found him to be a knowledgeable, thorough, professional who serves a vital function of our organization. And, when we had a critical employee leave the company, Daniel was able to assume part of those duties so we could continue to operate safely within the regulations. He suggested and we installed and are utilizing specific pieces of testing equipment for better monitoring and therefore more efficient usage of the necessary wastewater chemicals. And while he is most knowledgeable in wastewater management, he has experience in other environmental matters and we have utilized him as part of our overall environmental program.

I would highly recommend Daniel’s work to whomever is in need of professional advice or support for their wastewater or other environmental needs.

Michael Cox

General Manager at JBS, USA


I found Dan to be a true professional manager with honesty and integrity. He has a wealth of knowledge in the environmental field and knows every detail involved in the operations of the NURRC Physical Chemical Treatment Plant. He knows how to get the job done efficiently and right and he knows what is required to meet and exceed requirements of DHEC and EPA. He is a pleasure to work with.

Harold Atkins Water Treatment Superintendent 31 years, emeritus,  and current part time water plant operator.

Harold Atkins

Independent Environmental Services Professional


Dan Theobald managed the waste water operations at NURRC. Dan did a great job of continually improving the operations so as to bring the plant into 100% permit compliance. He was great at training operators. Dan does whatever it takes to get the job done.

Rob Pollard

Process Engineer at O’Neal, Inc.


Dan is a pleasure to work with. Dan takes pride in a job well done. His expertise in the wastewater field has enabled him to make a significant difference in odor control measures for sludge waste landfill at our facility. He has worked with other customers to reduce their sludge waste from being landfilled. Dan is well aware of the required state DHEC regulations which all landfills are required to follow to ensure compliance.

Donna Sightler

Director at Greenwood County Public Works



Dan is diligent in researching the environmental parameters for industrial wastewater, setting up a pre-treatment program, and executing the program in compliance with the local, state and federal authorities.  He is responsive to requests and changes to the local limits of wastewater parameters.  He takes pride in his work.

Brian Waldrep

Engineering Director-Greenwood Metropolitan District


Dan was our operator of record for almost a year.  We utilized his services after our current operator of record retired until we got one of our own personnel qualified.  Dan was professional and friendly throughout all of his communications with us and our regulators.  He developed relationships with the operators on all three shifts and provided daily feedback on our process status.  He also provided monthly reports on discharge data and helped resolve any laboratory result discrepancies.  Dan had good insight on process improvements and was a pleasure to work with.

Marci Eddy

Principal Process Engineer at Westinghouse Electric Company


Daniel L. Theobald of Environmental Services has been doing business with our company for about 7 years and he’s a pleasure to work with.  I have found Daniel to be a true professional and is extremely knowledgeable in the environmental field.  I would highly recommend Daniel to any company that may be in need of professional advice or support for their wastewater or other environmental needs.

Virginia (Michelle Lowrey) Rodriguez

Publisher-Heartland Industrial Group


Dan is well organized and has an eye for details. He recently developed and managed an environmental conference for the Upstate Region and through his leadership the conference was a total success. Dan is results driven and has exceeded our expectations as a community leader.

Lee R. Luff, CCE, CAE

President emeritus-Anderson Area Chamber of Commerce


Dan is experienced, super friendly and down to earth. In my role as Pre-treatment Coordinator at GMD in South Carolina, Dan provided support to local industries, personnel and programs. I rely on his experience even today, even though I have relocated to Forsyth County in Georgia in a similar capacity. Dan has been a great mentor over the years.

Steve Rudy

Pre-treatment / FOG Coordinator at Greenwood Metropolitan District


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