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Articles Published on “Water Technology” and “Wastewater Processing”:

“Water Technology”-(31 Articles):

-WT 32 -07/20/2018-Document management and retention for industrial wastewater discharge permits:

-WT 31 -08/18/2017-Challenges & trends in food industry water management:

-WT 30 -06/08/2017-Distillation for hydraulic fracturing flowback treatment:

-WT 28 -03/15/2017-Water Sourcing Challenges Associated With Hydraulic Fracturing:


-WT 27 -02/10/2017-Q&A State of Industrial Water:

WT 26 -02/14/2017-Experts Examine Water Management and Treatment Challenges:


WT 25 -02/18/2017-Aerated Activated Sludge Treatment Efficiency:


WT 24 -01/28/2017-Aerated Activated Sludge Basics:


WT 23 -11/21/2016-Discharge Permit Challenges:


WT 22– 10/30/2016-Identifying and responding to problems treating wastewater:


WT 21– 08/23/2016-Mitigating Health Hazards-Biological Wastewater Treatment:  


WT 20– 08/23/2016-InfoGraphicTackle-Wastewater Treatment Safety and Health Hazards:  


WT 19– 05/05/2016-Limits Page-Key to Discharge Permit Compliance:


WT 18– 03/03/2016-Concentrate on the concentrate:


WT 17– 08/06/2015-Troubleshoot BOD-Removal ith Physical Chemical Treatment:


WT 16– 03/10/2015-What is reverse osmosis and how is it best used?


WT 15– 02/27/2015-Ultrafiltration Processes in Industrial Wastewater:


WT 14– 01/08/2015-Chemicals used in Industrial Primary Treatment:


WT 13– 12/04/2014-Solids Separation Process Controls in Primary Treatment:


WT 12– 10/21/2014-What are the pH process controls for treating wastewater?


WT 11– 10/06/2014-Process controls for treating wastewater in the textile industry:


WT 10– 09/03/2014-Treating Wastewater in Pulp and Paper Industry:


WT 09– 06/23/2014-Microorganisms in activated sludge:


WT 08– 08/04/2014-Treating wastewater in the dairy industry:  


WT 07– 06/18/2014-Activated-sludge troubleshooting guidelines:  


WT 06– 05/30/2014-Overall process control of activated sludge:


WT 05– 05/05/2014-The measurement of suspended solids:


WT 04– 02/06/2014-Getting back to basics: What is pH?  


WT 03– 02/01/2014-Batch and continuous pH control-compare/contrast:  


WT 02– 09/05/2013-What are process controls for dissolved oxygen?


WT 01– 09/03/2013-Parameters for Extended Aeration Activated Sludge Systems:

“Processing Magazine & Flow Control Magazine”-(5 Articles):

P 05– 11/10/2016-How to Control, bacterial levels in Wastewater Treatment Plants:


P 04– 01/01/2016-Adequate Contact Time for Wastewater Treatment:


P 03– 04/06/2016-Remedial Work Required for Discharge Permits:  


P 02– 02/03/2016-Chemical Sludge Disposal-Doing it Differently:

P 01– 09/22/2015- 5 Key Future Trends of Water & Wastewater: