Remote Support Guiding Industrial Wastewater Treatment Operations

Environmental Services-ESDLT, WasteWaterDan, currently engages and manages numerous industrial wastewater treatment systems in the United States, providing exclusive pragmatic experience and technical knowledge to address many challenges. Buoyant operations comprise one of my root assessments.

Remote cogitating assistance to solve a complex challenge

WasteWater Dan understands the gravity of business reliability for indispensable services and the root assessment of a buoyant wastewater treatment system to your dependable plan. Whether there is workforce incompetence, achievement deviation, wastewater treatment underperformance, or the necessity to improve, WasteWater Dan has the know-how and prowess for enhancement and readiness — from afar.

ESDLT can help advance the buoyancy of your wastewater treatment and sustain your plant to treat wastewater within the achievement integrity scheme for that structure. Process unit treatment outcomes can peak from remote services afar, dependable results, and continued guidance as demanded.

WasteWaterDan makes known services of Remote Wastewater Treatment, Remote Cost Reduction, Remote Water Conservation, Remote Training, Online Training, and more.

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At the Outset, what to foresee:

To initiate, Schedule an appointment or Submit an email, and I will detail the advantages of remote services.

After I detail the advantages of remote services, more documentation might be required to submit an exclusive worthwhile remote services plan for your facility can include:

-Online access to WasteWater Discharge Permit retention required records

-Online access to critical operational data points, flow, pumps, etc.


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Daniel Theobald’s

Qualifications by Quoted Recommendations for Remote Guidance of WasteWater Operations

As of August 2023

“Dan Theobald has impressed me with his competence and commitment to meeting client needs. He knows what needs to be done and will not quit until it is done. He is good at communicating with managers and operators and even engineers! He works hard to save clients’ money and can demonstrate these savings. I enjoy working with Dan and recommend him to my clients.”

Author benefited from my services: Robert S., P.E., BCEE

“Daniel has been an integral part of our Wastewater management program for several years, beginning before I was employed at C. P. In my time working with Daniel, I have found him to be a knowledgeable, thorough, professional who serves a vital function of our organization. And, when we had a critical employee leave the company, Daniel was able to assume part of those duties so we could continue to operate safely within the regulations. He suggested that we installed and are utilizing specific testing equipment remotely for better monitoring and therefore more efficient usage of the necessary wastewater chemicals. And while he is most knowledgeable in wastewater management, he has experience in other environmental matters, and we have utilized him as part of our overall environmental program. I recommended Daniel’s work to a contact needing professional guidance or support for their wastewater and other environmental needs.”

Author benefited from my services: Michael C.

“I met Dan through the courses he was teaching at the local Community College on Wastewater Treatment. After meeting him, I brought him in to manage our wastewater treatment process. Dan brings years of experience and knowledge with him. His passion, dedication and desire to perform well are rare. I recommend Dan to work with him again.”

Author benefited from my services: Steve P.

“I found Dan to be a true professional manager with honesty and integrity. He has a wealth of knowledge in the environmental field and knows every detail involved in the operations of Biological and Physical Chemical Treatment plants. He knows how to get the job done efficiently and right and he knows what is required to meet and exceed requirements of South Carolina and the U.S. EPA. He is a pleasure to work with.”

Author benefited from my services Harold A.

“Daniel L. Theobald or Wastewater Dan was coming into our operation when we were not complying with our common metal level.  We were out of compliance for several years and despite our best efforts, we could not get into compliance.  Dan has given several suggestions and we have put them into place.   As a result, we have been over 6 months free of exceedances. We also have been able to eliminate two wastewater chemicals we were using.  We also lowered our chemical usage.  We have seen a huge cost saving and operational savingsIf you have problems, call DanHe will get you fixed in a hurry.”

Author benefited from my services: Chad E.

“I have worked with Dan for over a year as a trainer. He is very enthusiastic, courteous, and completely reliable. He is diligent and meticulous in his work and professional standards. Dan is an experienced wastewater operator with many skills to offer. He works hard to meet the needs of his clients and stands by his work.”

Author benefited from my services: Judy B.