Environmental Resource Center for Manufacturers

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LogoIntroducing your Environmental Resource Center Every day, as a manufacturer, you strive to do your part to improve the environment. We can help you promote; energy efficiency, reduce waste and recycle materials, implement sustainable production practices and create innovative solutions to advance renewable and alternative energy.

Recognizing you may be troubled by the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) aggressive agenda and the significant impact its regulations will have on manufacturing in the United States. The EPA’s actions will add new burdens and restrictions, increase costs, destroy jobs and undermine your manufacturing ability to compete in the global marketplace.

My Services will help you maintain a healthy manufacturing environment.recycle-icon-esdlt

Services Include:


  1. Facility equipment and support operations inspection and evaluation for permit requirements and environmental compliance requirements such as permits, notices, and records
  1. Compliance observations and actions if needed:
  • (a)      Chemical management – existing chemical list
  • (b)      Chemical reports for SARA
  • (c)      SARA 313 (TRI) release reporting
  • (d)      Wastewater
  • (e)      Stormwater
  • (f)       Air – emission
  • (g)      Solid waste – generation
  • (h)      Hazardous waste
  • (i)       Universal Wastes
  • (a)      As necessary Requirements

Available for Immediate Inspection