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Satisfied Editors of Wastewater Published Articles by Dan Theobald:

Daniel has an exceptional knowledge of wastewater operations and management. His consulting experience and training, knowledge is truly remarkable in his varied contributions and comprehensive lucid analyses on optimization. He is an outstanding WastewaterWizard and has been a valued contributor to Water Today – The Magazine. An excellent teacher, the wealth of his experience and knowledge that he brings to any engagement cannot be overstated. His Back to Fundamentals educational series in our magazine has been a technical guidance for the water & wastewater professionals. He is a kind and humble person. It is my great pleasure to have him as our esteemed columnist. Daniel would be an outstanding addition to any project team.

Shan S




Dan has been an extremely valued asset to me and my work as chief editor of Water Online. He leverages his considerable consulting and training expertise to create content with true impact. His “Math Solutions” series — tutorial articles supported by video demonstrations — is consistently well-executed and high-performing. He is helpful, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with.

Kevin Westerling

Chief Editor, Water Online


We have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Dan Theobald (AKA Wastewater Dan), who is a featured columnist for Processing magazine. He has written for our publication for more than three years and is a valuable contributor. The Process Flow Network and Processing teams are proud of our history with Dan and look forward to working together for many years.

Lori Ditoro

Content Marketing Strategist, Fluke Digital Systems at Fluke Corporation


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