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2022 Six Hour P/C and Bio WWT Math

Wastewater Math Solution Templates available for your specific Requirements.
Watch this video to see how valuable these Wastewater Math Solution Templates will be for you.

Wastewater Dan presents an accurate Tool for Wastewater Math Calculated Solutions with Excel Spreadsheets.  This is a Service of ESDLT’s Environmental Academy.  I am offering an Excel Spreadsheet which you can customize to your own requirement for an accurate Wastewater Math Calculated Solution.  In the video I show how this accurate Tool for Wastewater Math Calculated Solutions with Excel Spreadsheets works:

To tell how this tool works, I’m using the example to convert flow from Gallons per Day (GPD) to Million Gallons per Day (MGD).

This example problem reads:

“A waste stream has a flow rate of 350,000 Gallons per Day (GPD).”

Convert/calculate the flow as Million Gallons per Day (MGD).

This example Spreadsheet Template may be downloaded Free:

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Math Word Problems to Solve:

This Self paced training provides Resources and furnishes alternate online Conversions, learn different applications for calculating Volume, Pounds and more.

Also increase operator skill by examining the precise Step-by-Step Solution for each Math Word Problem to Solve and by reviewing 115+ similar example Math Word Problems and pore over each Step-by-Step Solution & also by scanning through 15+ detailed Wastewater Math articles.

Access to Online Resources:

Workbook Template includes…[custom_list style=”list-1″]

  • Formulas
  • Online Resources-Conversions
  • Online Resources-Sample Math Problems & Solutions

Template Bundles:

Workbook Template includes here…[custom_list style=”list-1″]

  • Conversions
  • Volume
  • Lbs. Waste Stream Calculations
  • Lbs. Tank Volume Calculations