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2022 Six Hour P/C and Bio WWT Math

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Conversions (2):

1Convert Flow to: Gallons-per-Minute (GPM) from Gallons-per-Hour (GPH)

2Convert Flow to: Liters-per-Minute (L/Min.) from Gallons-per-Minute (GPM)

Pound/Load calculations (2):

3Calculate Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) Mg/L

4Calculate Mg/L Mixed Liquor Suspended Solids (MLSS)

WasteWater Process Control calculations (4):

5Calculate Food (F) to Mass (M) Ratio

6Calculate Hydraulic Residence Time (HRT) Hours

7Calculate Mean Cell Residence Time (MCRT) Days

8Calculate Bottom of Tank Pounds Per Square Inch (psi)

Pump Process and Performance calculations (2)

9Calculate Pump Brake Horsepower Pressure

10Calculate Pump Discharge Head Pressure

Volume calculations (2)

11Calculate Pipe Volume Gallons

12Calculate Top Surface Area Sq. Ft. of Rectangle Tank


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