Calculate each Flow Conversion in Gallons based on the following:


A chemical feed pump is always used at maximum capacity of 0.009028 GPM. Monday the pump operated one hour. Tuesday the pump operated three hours, seventeen minutes. Wednesday the pump was used twenty four hours. Friday the pump started continuous operation for 1.25 days.

Calculate gallons pumped Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and the pump use in gallons beginning Friday.


4 Installment and 11 Bonus Videos accessible Below:


Installment # 1-Calculate gallons pumped Monday:  – (GPM to GPH)


1 Bonus Videos associated with Installment Video # 1; Here:

GPH to GPM (


Installment # 2-Calculate gallons pumped Tuesday: – (GPM to 3 Hr. 17 Min.)


1 Bonus Videos associated with Installment Video # 2; Here:

3 Hr. 17 Min. to GPM (



Installment # 3-Calculate gallons pumped Wednesday:  – (GPM to GPD)


9 Bonus Videos associated with Installment Video # 3; Here:

  GPD to GPM (

  GPM to GPD-1Conversion (

  GPD to GPM-1Conversion (

  GPM to L/Min (

  L/Min to GPM (

  GPM to Mil. /min (

  Mil. /min to GPM (

  L/Min to Mil. /min (

  Mil. /min to L/Min (


Installment # 4-Calculate gallons pumped starting Friday:   – (GPM to 1.25 Days)


Text of transcription of main Video:



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