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Wastewater Math Solution Templates available for your specific Requirements.

Watch this video to see how valuable these Wastewater Math Solution Templates will be for you.

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Wastewater Dan presents an accurate Tool for Wastewater Math Calculated Solutions with Excel Spreadsheets.  This is a Service of ESDLT’s Environmental Academy.  I am offering an Excel Spreadsheet which you can customize to your own requirement for an accurate Wastewater Math Calculated Solution.  The video above also shows how this accurate Tool for Wastewater Math Calculated Solutions with Excel Spreadsheets works:

To tell how this tool works, I’m using the example to convert flow from Gallons per Day (GPD) to Million Gallons per Day (MGD).

Download a Flow Conversion spreadsheet now for only $5.00 


This example problem reads:

“A waste stream has a flow rate of 350,000 Gallons per Day (GPD).”

Convert/calculate the flow as Million Gallons per Day (MGD).

I have created a formula for Excel do all the work with this template; all you need to do is enter your specific Source/Input Data requirement to have an accurate Wastewater Math Calculated Solution. This formula, to convert Gallons per Day (GPD) to Million Gallons per day (MGD), uses an equation to divide Gallons per Day (GPD) by 1,000,000. What’s so great about this Tool is, first of all, the formula in cell A1 is protected/locked. You won’t have to worry about changes to the formula. As a matter of fact, all you’ll need to do is go down, in this case, to cell A8, and enter your specific Source/Input Data requirement.

For example, in my situation 350,000 gallons is Gallons per Day (GPD), but let’s say in your situation 25,000 gallons is your Gallons per Day (GPD).

In which case, you would go to cell A8 and change the Source/Input Data from 350,000 to 25,000. Consequently, cell A1 would automatically have your answer, which would be .0250. That’s how this accurate Wastewater Math Solution Template works automatically with your specific requirements.

Understanding Wastewater Math is required for all Wastewater Operators. Math is by far the most anxiety-producing topic for operators preparing to pass certification exams.  For most wastewater math, the challenge is setting up the problem, using the right formula and the correct units.

This Tool is:

Wastewater Math Calculated Solutions with Excel Spreadsheets

These Spreadsheets are designed just for you by setting up the problem, using the right formula and the correct units.

Available for download now this first Workbook/Spreadsheets containing five necessary Flow Conversions for only $5.00!



-2-Poundage Calculations

-3-Pump; Performance & Efficiency Calculations

-4-Basic Formulas

-5-Other Mathematics Solutions

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To properly operate a wastewater treatment plant and to pass the certification examination for a wastewater operator’s license, it is necessary to know how to perform certain calculations.

Many calculations require a basic understanding of arithmetic and problem solving techniques to be able to solve problems operators typically encounter.

A reliable tool for operators to learn and solve Math includes using mathematical templates for performing accurate wastewater calculations; of which calculations also available for download soon are described below:

-1-Water / Wastewater Conversion calculations consist of many units of expression (horsepower, grams, square miles, acres, or acre-feet/day) and also a variety of time increments (e.g., seconds, minutes, hours, or days).

-2-Water / Wastewater Load calculations involve hydraulic loads and concentration/organic loads (biochemical oxygen demand).

-3-Water / Wastewater Poundage calculations require operators to figure out gallons/flow, concentration of parameters and other calculations related to poundage.

-4-Water / Wastewater Pump Performance and Efficiency calculations incorporate various calculations; head pressure, horsepower and certain efficiency calculations.

-5-Water / Wastewater Volume calculation results may be expressed as cubic feet, increment of millions, or even incorporating a time element in calculation solutions.

-6-Water / Wastewater Flow Data calculations cover units of expression, such as liters or milliliters in the metric system, or gallons in an American system. Flow may also need to be expressed in numerous time increments; seconds, minutes, hours, or days.

-7-Water / Wastewater Process Control calculations using Jar Tests to measure detention time, operational efficiencies and more.

Practical problems are available along with calculations in electronic spreadsheets as well as tutorial videos.

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