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Articles Published Online By Daniel L. Theobald of ESDLT

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by Daniel L. Theobald


Online Published Articles (Digital Site & Date) by Dan Theobald:

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-90- 04/01/2016- Dan Theobald Authoring Page of Articles on “Water Today”


-89- 04/01/2016-Dan Theobald Authoring Page on “Water Online”


-88- 04/01/2016- Dan The Wastewater Expert Page on “Wastewater Processing”


-87- 04/01/2016- Dan Theobald Authoring Page on “Organica Water”


-86- 02/15/2016-Membrane Technology


-85- 01/15/2016-Chemicals to Reduce Sludge


-84- 12/15/2015-R O Reject Water


-83- 03/08/2016-More Volume Calculations


-82- 02/16/2016-Mean Cell Residence Time (MCRT) Calculations


-81- 01/06/2016-Poundage Calculations


-80- 12/02/2015-Additional Pump Performance Calculations


-79- 12/01/2015-Water Processing-Dan Theobald


-78- 05/01/2013-Water Technology talks to Dan Theobald


-77- 03/03/2016-Concentrate on the concentrate


-76- 03/03/2016-Chemical Sludge Disposal


-75- 01/01/2016-Adequate Contact Time for Wastewater Treatment


-74- 11/15/2015-Zero Liquid Discharge   


-73- 11/15/2013-Who Says Charity has to Cost Money?   


-72- 09/09/2015-Supplier Partnerships must be based on Trust 


-71- 11/17/2015-Are Environmental Waters Always Healthy?


-70- 10/22/2015- Math Solutions-Activated Sludge 2


-69- 10/15/2015- Water Use Management


-68- 09/22/2015- 5 Key Future Trends of Water & Wastewater   


-67- 09/15/2013-Design WWT Facilities  


-66- 02/28/2014-How Industry Maintain Healthy Environment


-65- 11/30/2013-Primary Basics of wastewater


-64- 04/30/2013-Waste Management Solutions for Business


-63- 4/30/2013-Cost Reduction Locator


-62- 09/09/2015-Real Life Wastewater Calculations


-61- 09/09/2015-Regulatory Violations-Explained


-60- 09/08/2015-Guest Blogger-Dan Theobald


-59- 08/21/2015-Replenish Depleting Groundwater


-58- 08/06/2015-Troubleshoot BOD


-57- 08/06/2015-Wet Well Flow Rate Calculations


-56- 07/31/2015-Questions from Folks in the Field


-55- 06/29/2015-Math Solutions-More Conversion Calculations


-54- 06/12/2015-Drinking Water Test with Al Roker & Stephanie Abrams


-53- 06/08/2015-Wastewater Dan Puts Drinking Water to the Test “Wake Up With Al”


-52- 06/04/2015-Dan will appear on Weather’s Channel “Wake Up with Al”


-51- 06/03/2015-Answering Recent Reader Questions


-50- 05/26/2015-Math Solutions-Conversion Calculations


-49- 05/21/2015-Questions received from Readers


-48- 04/23/2015-Video-Dan Discuses Drought on Earth Day


-47- 04/07/2015-Readers submit Questions from my Articles


-46- 04/22/2015-Earth Day Outreach: Insights on Water Conservation And Quality      


-45- 03/23/2015-Math Solutions: Controlling Secondary Treatment


-44- 03/10/2015-What is reverse osmosis and how is it best used?


-43- 02/27/2015-Ultrafiltration Processes in Industrial Wastewater


-42- 02/12/2015-Math Solutions Simulating Jar Test Results


-41- 01/09/2015-Math Solutions Most Popular in 2014


-40- 01/08/2015-Chemicals used in Industrial Primary Treatment   


-39- 12/04/2014-Solids Separation Process Controls in Primary Treatment


-38- 12/01/2014-Math Solutions: Load Calculations 


-37- 10/28/2014-Math Solutions: Poundage Calculations  


-36- 10/21/2014-What are the pH process controls for treating wastewater?


-35- 10/06/2014-Process controls for treating wastewater in the textile industry  


-34- 09/26/2014-Pump Efficiency Calculations 


-33- 09/13/2014-Math Solutions: Volume Calculations  


-32- 09/03/2014-Treating Wastewater in Pulp and Paper Industry


-31- 08/04/2014-Wastewater Treatment in Dairy Industry


-30- 08/04/2014-Math Solutions: Flow Rate Conversions:


-29- 07/10/2014-Math Solutions: Waste Activated Sludge Calculations:


-28- 06/23/2014-Microorganisms in activated sludge: 


-27- 06/17/2014-‘Math Solutions’ for Wastewater Operator Certification:  


-26- 03/25/2014-Storing, Handling, or Transporting Substances:  


-25- 08/04/2014-Treating wastewater in the dairy industry:  


-24- 06/18/2014-Activated-sludge troubleshooting guidelines:        


-23- 05/30/2014-Overall process control of activated sludge:


-22- 05/05/2014-The measurement of suspended solids:  


-21- 03/31/2014-How sludge settles is a key performance indicator:   


-20- 03/06/2014-Monitor wastewater treatment trends-‘look and feel’:  


-19- 02/06/2014-Getting back to basics: What is pH?  


-18- 02/01/2014-Batch and continuous pH control-compare/contrast:  


-17- 01/08/2014-Overall Effective sludge dewatering:  


-16- 09/05/2013-What are process controls for dissolved oxygen?


-15- 09/30/2013-The Hidden Dangers of Industrial Mop Water:     


-14- 12/03/2012-Wastewater-pH Balanced for Treatment:


-13- 05/15/2013-Three Overlooked Tasks at WWTPs:


-12- 07/30/2013-Treatment Options for Landfill Leachate:


-11- 09/23/2013-Pump Metering Wastewater Chemicals: 


-10- 09/22/2013-Wastewater-Primary Treatment:


-9- 04/30/2013-Biological Treatment Controls:


-8- 11/30/2013-WWT Technologies and Water Conservation:     


-7- 08/30/2013-Water Environment Federation (WEF) Ch. 2-Mop 37:


-6- 09/03/2013-Parameters for Extended Aeration Activated Sludge Systems: 


-5- 12/03/2012-Wastewater-pH Balanced for Treatment:


-4- 05/07/2013-Procedures and Technologies for Water Related Efficiency:   


-3- 04/30/2013-The Cost Reduction Locator:  


-2- 09/15/2013-Real Time Computer Training:   


-1- 09/15/2013-Environmental Resource Tool Box:


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