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Articles Published Online By Daniel L. Theobald of ESDLT

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by Daniel L. Theobald


Online Published Articles (Digital Site & Date) by Dan Theobald:

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-90- 04/01/2016- Dan Theobald Authoring Page of Articles on “Water Today”


-89- 04/01/2016-Dan Theobald Authoring Page on “Water Online”


-88- 04/01/2016- Dan The Wastewater Expert Page on “Wastewater Processing”


-87- 04/01/2016- Dan Theobald Authoring Page on “Organica Water”


-86- 02/15/2016-Membrane Technology


-85- 01/15/2016-Chemicals to Reduce Sludge


-84- 12/15/2015-R O Reject Water


-83- 03/08/2016-More Volume Calculations


-82- 02/16/2016-Mean Cell Residence Time (MCRT) Calculations


-81- 01/06/2016-Poundage Calculations


-80- 12/02/2015-Additional Pump Performance Calculations


-79- 12/01/2015-Water Processing-Dan Theobald


-78- 05/01/2013-Water Technology talks to Dan Theobald


-77- 03/03/2016-Concentrate on the concentrate


-76- 03/03/2016-Chemical Sludge Disposal


-75- 01/01/2016-Adequate Contact Time for Wastewater Treatment


-74- 11/15/2015-Zero Liquid Discharge   


-73- 11/15/2013-Who Says Charity has to Cost Money?   


-72- 09/09/2015-Supplier Partnerships must be based on Trust 


-71- 11/17/2015-Are Environmental Waters Always Healthy?


-70- 10/22/2015- Math Solutions-Activated Sludge 2


-69- 10/15/2015- Water Use Management


-68- 09/22/2015- 5 Key Future Trends of Water & Wastewater   


-67- 09/15/2013-Design WWT Facilities  


-66- 02/28/2014-How Industry Maintain Healthy Environment


-65- 11/30/2013-Primary Basics of wastewater


-64- 04/30/2013-Waste Management Solutions for Business


-63- 4/30/2013-Cost Reduction Locator


-62- 09/09/2015-Real Life Wastewater Calculations


-61- 09/09/2015-Regulatory Violations-Explained


-60- 09/08/2015-Guest Blogger-Dan Theobald


-59- 08/21/2015-Replenish Depleting Groundwater


-58- 08/06/2015-Troubleshoot BOD


-57- 08/06/2015-Wet Well Flow Rate Calculations


-56- 07/31/2015-Questions from Folks in the Field


-55- 06/29/2015-Math Solutions-More Conversion Calculations


-54- 06/12/2015-Drinking Water Test with Al Roker & Stephanie Abrams


-53- 06/08/2015-Wastewater Dan Puts Drinking Water to the Test “Wake Up With Al”


-52- 06/04/2015-Dan will appear on Weather’s Channel “Wake Up with Al”


-51- 06/03/2015-Answering Recent Reader Questions


-50- 05/26/2015-Math Solutions-Conversion Calculations


-49- 05/21/2015-Questions received from Readers


-48- 04/23/2015-Video-Dan Discuses Drought on Earth Day


-47- 04/07/2015-Readers submit Questions from my Articles


-46- 04/22/2015-Earth Day Outreach: Insights on Water Conservation And Quality      


-45- 03/23/2015-Math Solutions: Controlling Secondary Treatment


-44- 03/10/2015-What is reverse osmosis and how is it best used?


-43- 02/27/2015-Ultrafiltration Processes in Industrial Wastewater


-42- 02/12/2015-Math Solutions Simulating Jar Test Results


-41- 01/09/2015-Math Solutions Most Popular in 2014


-40- 01/08/2015-Chemicals used in Industrial Primary Treatment   


-39- 12/04/2014-Solids Separation Process Controls in Primary Treatment


-38- 12/01/2014-Math Solutions: Load Calculations 


-37- 10/28/2014-Math Solutions: Poundage Calculations  


-36- 10/21/2014-What are the pH process controls for treating wastewater?


-35- 10/06/2014-Process controls for treating wastewater in the textile industry  


-34- 09/26/2014-Pump Efficiency Calculations 


-33- 09/13/2014-Math Solutions: Volume Calculations  


-32- 09/03/2014-Treating Wastewater in Pulp and Paper Industry


-31- 08/04/2014-Wastewater Treatment in Dairy Industry


-30- 08/04/2014-Math Solutions: Flow Rate Conversions:


-29- 07/10/2014-Math Solutions: Waste Activated Sludge Calculations:


-28- 06/23/2014-Microorganisms in activated sludge: 


-27- 06/17/2014-‘Math Solutions’ for Wastewater Operator Certification:  


-26- 03/25/2014-Storing, Handling, or Transporting Substances:  


-25- 08/04/2014-Treating wastewater in the dairy industry:  


-24- 06/18/2014-Activated-sludge troubleshooting guidelines:        


-23- 05/30/2014-Overall process control of activated sludge:


-22- 05/05/2014-The measurement of suspended solids:  


-21- 03/31/2014-How sludge settles is a key performance indicator:   


-20- 03/06/2014-Monitor wastewater treatment trends-‘look and feel’:  


-19- 02/06/2014-Getting back to basics: What is pH?  


-18- 02/01/2014-Batch and continuous pH control-compare/contrast:  


-17- 01/08/2014-Overall Effective sludge dewatering:  


-16- 09/05/2013-What are process controls for dissolved oxygen?


-15- 09/30/2013-The Hidden Dangers of Industrial Mop Water:     


-14- 12/03/2012-Wastewater-pH Balanced for Treatment:


-13- 05/15/2013-Three Overlooked Tasks at WWTPs:


-12- 07/30/2013-Treatment Options for Landfill Leachate:


-11- 09/23/2013-Pump Metering Wastewater Chemicals: 


-10- 09/22/2013-Wastewater-Primary Treatment:


-9- 04/30/2013-Biological Treatment Controls:


-8- 11/30/2013-WWT Technologies and Water Conservation:     


-7- 08/30/2013-Water Environment Federation (WEF) Ch. 2-Mop 37:


-6- 09/03/2013-Parameters for Extended Aeration Activated Sludge Systems: 


-5- 12/03/2012-Wastewater-pH Balanced for Treatment:


-4- 05/07/2013-Procedures and Technologies for Water Related Efficiency:   


-3- 04/30/2013-The Cost Reduction Locator:  


-2- 09/15/2013-Real Time Computer Training:   


-1- 09/15/2013-Environmental Resource Tool Box:


Daniel L. Theobald of Environmental Services-The Wastewater Wizard is known in the industry as “Wastewater Dan”!

Dan Publishes Articles as a service of Dan Theobald Water Institute, Division of Environmental Services, and coaches with his knowledge to conserve water use as follows:

  1. Execute Techniques to perform certain tasks without using Water
  2. Achieve the use off less water to complete same task
  3. Education on evaluating the need to even use water
  4. Master how to examine the overall result using less water
  5. Calculate your savings using less water

Dan L. Theobald operates under level “A” Physical/Chemical Wastewater Treatment Operator licensing, issued by The South Carolina Board of Environmental Certification. Current proof of good standing displayed here.