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Waste Water Consultation

Wastewater Dan’s Consulting Division of Environmental Services directs industries to achieve and maintain improved treatment including but not limited to the following:

  1. Enhance waste water treatment quality at reduced overall operating cost.
  2. Specific cost reductions include Chemical Costs, Labor Costs, Permit Costs, Treatment Costs, Water Use Costs, Utility Costs and more!
  3. Sharpen operator work proficiency and skills through employee education and operator training. This may consist of operator license upgrade training or recurring license maintenance training.
  4. Use Dan Theobald’s Waste Water Operators License under contract
  5. Benefit by using Dan’s internal record-keeping and external regulator communication and reporting.
  6. Site specific services guarantee improved treatment at reduced detailed application costs.


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Let me Show you how to Convert Dirty Waste Water into Clean/Healthy Drinkable Water:

Drinkable Water

Dirty Wastewater

Dirty Wastewater

Drinkable Water

Daniel L. Theobald of Environmental Services-The Wastewater Wizard is known in the industry as “Wastewater Dan”!

Dan Publishes Articles as a service of Dan Theobald Water Institute, Division of Environmental Services, and coaches with his knowledge to conserve water use as follows:

  1. Execute Techniques to perform certain tasks without using Water
  2. Achieve the use off less water to complete same task
  3. Education on evaluating the need to even use water
  4. Master how to examine the overall result using less water
  5. Calculate your savings using less water

Dan L. Theobald operates under level “A” Physical/Chemical Wastewater Treatment Operator licensing, issued by The South Carolina Board of Environmental Certification. Current proof of good standing displayed here.